I don’t know about you but I personally work a lot better when I’m listening to music. I don’t know what it is but I can concentrate a lot easier and work a lot quicker when I’m listening to my favourite tunes. The problem with most development jobs is that, unless you work from home, you’re constantly around co-workers and it would be rude to blast your music. That is why it’s important to invest in a decent pair of headphones. Here are a few things you should look for when picking out your headphones:

Comfortable Ear Pads

Because you’re going to be wearing these headphones for long periods of time, you’re going to want something that fits comfortably on your head. Now, if you prefer in-ear buds than you don’t need to worry about this. Its always a good idea to try on the headphones before you buy them. That way you get an idea of what they’ll feel like and whether or not you’ll be able to wear them for hours upon hours.

Long Cord

If your computer is tucked away from your desk like mine is, you’re going to want a fairly long cord. Most headphones come with at least a meter long cord and you can always buy extensions if it’s not long enough. You don’t want to have an overly long cord though because it can get in the way and get annoying very quick.


Noice-cancelling headphones are great and the prices are coming down a lot, but they may not be right for your workplace. If you constantly have co-workers talking to you, having noise-cancelling headphones can be rude because you won’t hear them talk. I would advise not getting a pair because you won’t be able to hear people around you. Here are a few tips on being polite while wearing your headphones:

  1. Only wear the headphones over one ear
  2. Play your music at a comfortable level to yourself and your co-workers
  3. Always take off your headphones when a co-worker talks to you

Those are just a few tips on buying and wearing headphones at work, but what are your thoughts? Do you wear headphones at work? If you do, what kind do you have? Feel free to drop us a line down below in our comment section